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For Providers

beWell by FTL Finance is an option that offers more approvals while lowering your out-of-pocket costs. Whether you're looking for a full-service health and wellness financing provider or simply looking to supplement the financing options you have available today, beWell is here to help.


· No credit card processing fees
· Low provider cost programs
· No payment, deferred interest programs
· Simple consumer approval process
· The ability to offer the best treatments for your patient
· E-signature—no mailing original documents

Procedures We Cover

• Dental

• Dentures

• Dermatology

• Orthodontics

• Ophthalmology

• Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

• Dental implants

• Hair Replacement

• Glasses and Contacts


• Chiropractic Care

• Body Contouring

If you are interested in a service not mentioned above, please inquire at We currently do not offer financing for fertility treatments, bariatric surgery, or veterinary care.

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