How It Works

Complete these easy online steps to apply for financing with a predetermined provider or decide on a provider later. If your provider doesn’t offer beWell, you can refer them to us.

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It's that easy to beWell

1. Click Apply Now, answer a few questions and submit.


2. You will receive a response via email notifying you if your application has been approved, pending or declined.


  • With an approved application, you will receive a second security email that will have your approval voucher attached. Take this voucher to your provider.
  • A pending application is an application in need of more information before we can proceed with the final result. We will contact you via email and request additional information.
  • A declined application email means that we are unable to provide financing for you.


3. Print your approval voucher and take it to your provider. If your provider doesn’t offer beWell we will be happy to enroll them.


4. Your provider will review the financing options they offer. Choose the best option for you, complete your service with the provider and beWell will bill you directly.

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Financing Options


beWell providers choose the programs they want to offer.

There are two types of financing programs:


  • Same as cash/Deferred interest for 90 days, 6 or 12 months with no monthly payment. If you pay the principal balance in full during the deferred interest period, you will not pay interest.*
  • Installment loan with terms of 24 to 84 months. Both the interest rate and monthly payment are fixed. There are no prepayment penalties.*


*Subject to credit approval, see practitioner for programs offered

Finance Glossary

  • Deferred interest – Deferred interest means that you have the opportunity to avoid paying interest if you pay the entire loan during the deferred interest period.
  • Term – A term is the amount of time over which you are paying off your loan.
  • Interest per diem – The current principal balance multiplied by the interest rate and divided by 365, charged daily.
  • Installment loan – An installment loan is repaid over a designated term with a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payments.

Procedures We Cover

• Dental

• Dentures

• Dermatology

• Orthodontics

• Ophthalmology

• Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

• Dental implants

• Hair Replacement

• Glasses and Contacts


• Chiropractic Care

• Body Contouring

If you are interested in a service not mentioned above, please inquire at We currently do not offer financing for fertility treatments, bariatric surgery or veterinary care.

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Now that you know how easy it can be to obtain the health and wellness financing you need, apply now and beWell will let you know if you are approved in minutes!

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